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American Style Bourbon Baby Back Ribs

American Style Bourbon Baby Back Ribs Recipe

When it comes to ribs, nobody does it better than the Americans. Their ribs are always tender, covered in a delicious glaze and cooked to perfection on a BBQ. But it’s easy to get the same mouthwatering flavour by cooking your ribs in an oven. Our recipe for American style bourbon baby back ribs are easily replicated in your oven and will soon become a family favourite.

Our top tips for cooking ribs

Slowly apply your rub - Applying too much seasoning can mean it falls off in clumps once cooked which is not pleasant to eat. We recommend applying it slowly until it is evenly covered and can no longer stick to the meat.
Remove the silver skin - There will be a thin membrane covering your rack of ribs. It is important to remove as it can become tough and rubbery when cooked.
Go slow - Speed isn’t your friend when it comes to cooking ribs. Slow cooking ribs will create tender meat that falls off the bone.

What is the difference between baby back ribs and spare ribs?

 While both come from pigs, baby back and spare ribs are quite different to each other. Baby back ribs are connected to the backbone and are curved. They are shorter than spare ribs with their meat attached to the top of the bone and tend to be more tender and lean. Spare ribs run along to the pig’s breastbone. They are larger, flatter and straighter than baby back ribs and have more meat between the bones rather than on top.

How do you prepare ribs before cooking?

Rib preparation is easier than you think. The main goal of rib preparation is to remove the silver skin membrane. To do this, you’ll need a sharp knife. Slide it under the membrane on top of a rib bone on the small end of the rack. Then push the knife upwards to loosen the membrane and use your fingers to gently remove.

What do you need to make American style bourbon baby back ribs?

Here’s what you need to make your ribs:

2kg American baby back ribs

Spice rub ingredients
2 Teaspoons garlic powder
1 Teaspoon onion powder
2 Teaspoons paprika
2 Teaspoons sea salt
1 Teaspoons cracked black pepper
½ Teaspoon cumin
2 Tablespoon olive oil

Bourbon, bacon BBQ rib sauce ingredients
5 Bacon rashers, diced
1 Brown onion, chopped
3 Garlic cloves, minced
½ Teaspoon cumin, ground
¾ Bourbon
3 Tablespoons brown sugar
2 Tablespoons dark molasses
1 Tablespoon dijon mustard
2 Tablespoons worcestershire sauce
1 Can Tomatoes, whole in juice
1 Teaspoon Sea salt
½ Teaspoon Black pepper
¼ Teaspoon hot sauce

How to make the best American style bourbon baby back ribs

Preheat the oven to 135°c.
Combine the garlic & onion powder, paprika, salt, pepper and cumin together in a bowl.
Rub olive oil onto the rack and then gently pat on the seasoning.
Cover the rack in foil and place in a roasting dish.
Cook for 3.5 hours.
While the ribs are cooking, fry bacon on low to medium heat for approximately 8 minutes until the bacon has brown (not crispy) and the fat has rendered.
Add the onion and cook for approximately 5 minutes, until softened and add the garlic and cumin. Continuously stir for a further 2 minutes.
Add the remaining ingredients, increase the heat and bring to the boil.
Once boiled, reduce the heat and simmer for approximately 25 minutes or until the sauce has thickened.
Remove from the heat and rest until cooled, taste your sauce and add any additional sugar, salt or pepper if required.
Blend your sauce and transfer to a glass jar and place in the fridge
After the 3.5 hours is up, remove ribs from the oven and peel off the foil.
Lather rack with the bacon BBQ sauce and place back in the oven.
Grill for a few minutes, until the sauce has caramelised.
Remove from the oven and serve with salad or slaw.

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